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I left work quite early on Thursday and played hooky at the Minnesota State Fair.

I hit all the highlights, however crop art is my perennial favorite.

There are always a number of tributes, lovingly crafted out of various Minnesota seeds and grains. (A standout this year was a portrait Farrah Fawcett in her famous swimsuit pose.)

However, as noted last year, it’s the political messages that always stick out at the crop art booth.

"GOP Sideshow" by Teresa Anderson of St. Paul: Without former President George W. Bush to harangue (depicted as a hayseed through the use of hayseeds), crop artists unleashed their ire on the always-controversial U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, who appeared in three various crop art renditions.

"Patron Saint of Wingnuts" by Kimberly Cope of Minneapolis: She was depicted as a religions icon. She was grouped with Republican pundits Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh as part of the “GOP Sideshow.”

"Michele's Precious Moments," by Laura Melnick of St. Paul: And, in one of the more politically surreal commentaries, had some of her more outlandish quotes lovingly rendered in the guise of Precious Moments figurines.

"Self Portrait with First Ladies," by Alan Carpenter of Minneapolis: Meanwhile, Alan Carpenter of Minneapolis should get a special prize for his self portrait with First Ladies Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush. Is he being facetious or respectful? Who knows? It’s just a great piece of folk art.

"Move on Birthers," by Mark Dahlager of St. Paul: Crop artists also threw seeds at AIG and the “Birther” movement that’s been trying to discredit President Barack Obama.

"Too well-connected to fail," by Nick Heisick of St. Paul

"Presidential Inauguration," by Linda Paulsen of Hackensack: And while Obama was rendered in caricatures at last year’s state fair as a presidential candidate, this year he as the subject of a formal crop art portrait.

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