Chaska, Minnesota | 15 September, 2019 | (952) 448-2650
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N4Y_Web_20__20Chaska_20Obscura_20__20Leivermann__20Bernard_20__20Sub.thumbnail.jpg Chaska Obscura: The case of the brewer's milk cow by Chaska_Obscura
Bernard Leivermann, city brewer Author: Justice of the Peace W.D. Rosback
April 5 Chaska Town Course by Mark Olson
April 5 Chaska Town Course opening? That's a possible start date for the city's golf course, according to a city of Chaska report. A definite sign of spring!
Where's my sunscreen? by Greg Boe
Where's my sunscreen? Alright, maybe that is a bit premature, but today will certainly be a pleasant day in Carver County. Our 30 degree high temperature and sunny skies will feel pretty nice! The ...
We actually dropped to -10 by Greg Boe
We actually dropped to -10 sometime after I took my 6:00 a.m. readings...but thankfully it warmed quickly this morning!
321P_Web_20__20CO_20__20WTHII_20__2022_20Detail_20__20mo.thumbnail.jpg Chaska Obscura: Where the heck is it? Week No. 22 by Chaska_Obscura
Each week we publish a detail of a local building. The next week we indentify the building, along with a detail of a different building. Do you know where the heck this is? Post your answer; e-mail...
Yes, I am: "Are you ready by Carroll
Yes, I am: "Are you ready for spring?" However it sure did not feel like what both Greg and Kare 11 News this morning reporting we hit -9f overnight. Sure makes me feel like I am ready for Spring F...
Are you ready for spring? by Greg Boe
Are you ready for spring? Warmer temps are in the forecast, for the next week or so anyway. Our high today should reach the middle 20's, but we'll be basking in 30 degree temperatures by the weeken...
American Idol: Dudes, you're going down by Mollee_Francisco2
With the bulk of this year's expectations sitting squarely on the shoulders of the Top 12 women (who are rumored to be harboring a winner), the guys can relax and enjoy the best seats in the house ...
706E_signature.jpg 6-Pack Abs: The Anti-Crunch Solution Part 2 by justinyule
On Monday, I shared introduced my Anti-Crunch Solution to 6-Pack Abs. We dispelled the 4 biggest myths about ab training. In case you missed it, you can read that post HERE . Today, I'm going to la...
The coldest day in 3 weeks by Greg Boe
The coldest day in 3 weeks Grab your long johns this morning, because we are looking at the coldest day since February 2nd. Today we will struggle to warm into the teens, ending the day around 15 d...
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