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American Idol 2010: The Top 24 ready for their closeups by Mollee_Francisco2
I was on the fence over whether or not to blog about American Idol again this season. Believe it or not, it's a fair amount of work to tackle on Tuesday and Wednesday nights week after week. I didn...
Do you judge a book by its barcode? by Mark_Olson
When I was at the Friends of the Chaska Library book sale today at Chaska City Hall, I spotted not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE book buyers using those little barcode scanners. The d...
H4KP_Web_20__20East_20Union_20News_20__20Hallin_202_20__20mo.thumbnail.jpg Are newspapers a thing of the past? East Union News set bar for the tiny newspaper by Mark_Olson
Are newspapers shrinking? Pull out that commemorative newspaper gathering dust in the closet. You know the one – “Germany surrenders,” “Ventura elected governor,” “New Coke introduced” – and you’ll...
KRO7_Web_20__20CO_20__20WTHII_20__2021_20Detail.thumbnail.jpg Chaska Obscura: Where the heck is it? Week No. 21 by Chaska_Obscura
Each week we publish a detail of a local building. The next week we indentify the building, along with a detail of a different building. Do you know where the heck this is? Post your answer ; e-mai...
Our snow has melted down a by Greg Boe
Our snow has melted down a bit over the last week, and this slow melt is just what we need to help reduce the threat of spring flooding in our area. Unfortunately it looks like that slow melt may c...
Sunny skies will rule the by Greg Boe
Sunny skies will rule the day once again on Thursday. Although we could end up a few degrees cooler than yesterday, we should still manage to hit 32 degrees today, with light westerly winds blowing...
Another beautiful day is on by Greg Boe
Another beautiful day is on tap for Wednesday - we should enjoy a high in the lower 30’s once again, with sunny skies. The week continues to look delightfully bland, so enjoy this nice stretch of e...
Make sure you don't follow by Greg Boe
Make sure you don't follow too closely!
Ash Wednesday and we have by Carroll
Ash Wednesday and we have Sunny Skies and Dry Roads, Traffic moving great today. Chaska to MSP in 25 minutes following an un-marked State Patrol Squad. Awesome drive and great weather.
I never thought "average" by Mark Olson
I never thought "average" would feel so good. Although, I wouldn't mind that record 61 degrees from 1981.
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