Chaska, Minnesota | 20 September, 2019 | (952) 448-2650
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My yard is greening up by Greg Boe
My yard is greening up nicely since our rain of yesterday. Today could offer more rain, with a chance of thunderstorms and a high in the middle 70's. The Pioneer Ridge turbine should be producing e...
American Idol: The king is dead (and probably rolling over in his grave) by Mollee_Francisco2
Oh Adam Lambert, how I would have given anything for you to jump onto the stage at any point in tonight's show (after Crystal) to jazz things up a bit. (Season 9 needs you, Adam!!!)   He hit the na...
Record breaking rainfall by Greg Boe
Record breaking rainfall Yesterday I mentioned a couple of "3-W" days coming our way. You probably heard the "wet" arrive last night when thunderstorms rolled through town between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m...
Police Action by 123Grunzen
Does anyone know about all the police action this morning around 1:30am at the bus garage off of Old Hwy 212...Lights everywhere.
15CY_Web_20__20CO_20__20WTHII_20__2027_20Detail_20__20mo.thumbnail.jpg Where the heck is it? No. 27 by Chaska_Obscura
Each week we publish a detail of a local building. The next week we indentify the building. Do you know where the heck this is? Post your answer; e-mail; or call (952) 345-6...
Fantastic weather, it was. I by colifis
Fantastic weather, it was. I feel bad for anyone who had to be indoors.
Good chance of rain today by Greg Boe
Good chance of rain today Some much-needed rainfall could be coming our way today...and my yard is ready! We have a good chance of hearing some thunder and seeing some welcome moisture over the nex...
Sunny and 70 on Sunday! by Greg Boe
Sunny and 70 on Sunday! Here it comes....the last "dry" day for a few days! Sunday should be stupendous, with mostly sunny skies, light winds, and a high temp around 70 degrees. We have a chance of...
A fantastic weekend coming by Greg Boe
A fantastic weekend coming our way! Saturday should be mostly sunny, with a slight chance of a shower and a high near 66 degrees. After dropping down into the upper 30's Saturday night, Sunday shou...
706E_signature.jpg Chanhassen Boot Camp FREE Workout Video of the Week by justinyule
We're back again for another Chanhassen Boot Camp FREE Workout Video of the Week! We changed up the format a bit after the break and our Look Great at the Lake Boot Camp members are LOVING IT!
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