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Flood stage, and rising! by Greg Boe
Flood stage, and rising! After a beautiful day on Thursday, our weather is taking a turn for the worse (temperature-wise). We should see a high today in the upper 30's, with northwest winds gusting...
The "whirlpool photo" that by Greg Boe
The "whirlpool photo" that was posted by Colin at 8:20 pm on March 17 (see above) has proven to be very popular. I shared it with Jonathan Yuhas at Channel 11, and told him that a local man had pos...
Cooler weather is coming! by Greg Boe
Cooler weather is coming! Make sure you get outside and enjoy the weather today, because we won't see temperatures like this again for at least a week. Our high today could reach into the lower 60'...
I just posted a few photo's by Carroll
I just posted a few photo's & 2-video's to the Chaska Herald Facebook fanpage of the Minnesota River. One video is of the Vortex at those culverts.
WOW, that is a great picture by Greg Boe
WOW, that is a great picture Colin!
This is a picture of a huge by colifis
This is a picture of a huge whirpool next to the CR45 near the Minnesota River crossing near Jordan. It was caused by water being sucked through a culvert. Picture was taken at 6PM, 3/17/2010.
Flood stage coming soon? by Greg Boe
Flood stage coming soon? Tuesday was cloudy and rather cool, compared to what we've been used to lately (but still above average). Today will be beautiful, with sunny skies and a high around 60 deg...
American Idol: Facing the Beast of Burden by Mollee_Francisco2
Could a Rolling Stones-themed Idol night be as huge as when the Beatles catalog was finally made available to the contestants? Answer: No. Not even close. But I'm sure for many of the contestants i...
Light rain this morning by Greg Boe
Light rain this morning shouldn't have a big impact on our looming flood potential...but the continuing snow melt upstream likely will. Fortunately, temperatures are expected to cool toward the com...
Sunday was a beautiful day! by Greg Boe
Sunday was a beautiful day! I hope you were able to spend some time outside on Sunday afternoon. Near record warmth provided a great day in Chaska, while some communities in our area did reach reco...
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