Chaska, Minnesota | 20 September, 2019 | (952) 448-2650
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A Flash Flood Warning has by Greg Boe
A Flash Flood Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for Northwestern Le Sueur County, Southeastern Sibley County, and Southwestern Scott County. This warning will be in effect thr...
The river continues to rise, by Greg Boe
The river continues to rise, and with more snow remaining to melt in western Minnesota that trend could continue... Today has started out with clouds and some fog, and that should remain the case f...
That's a great photo Colin, by Greg Boe
That's a great photo Colin, with lots of debris in the water to restrict the flow.
Taken 3/13/10 at the Carver by colifis
Taken 3/13/10 at the Carver RR bridge. Looks like no man's land out there.
2ME2_Web_20__20Chaska_20Obscura_20__20Carlson__20Peter_20__20Sub_0.thumbnail.jpg Chaska Obscura: Margin notes in the church book by Chaska_Obscura
Peter Carlson Writer: The Rev. Peter Carlson (or Pehr Carlsson) Year: Between 1858 and 1880
The river is up another 4.5 by Greg Boe
The river is up another 4.5 feet overnight! This weekend should be cloudy and foggy (like most of last week!), with scattered light rain or drizzle. The good news is that we shouldn't see much if a...
I'll volunteer to stand by colifis
I'll volunteer to stand watch in Carver. :) I do hope to get a couple pictures at the Jordan bridge or the railroad bridge in Carver this weekend. I did notice they have shut the gates to river par...
C23R_Web_20__20CO_20__20WTHII_20__2024_20Detail_20__20mo.thumbnail.jpg Chaska Obscura: Where the heck is it? Week No. 24 by Chaska_Obscura
Each week we publish a detail of a local building. The next week we indentify the building, along with a detail of a different building. Do you know where the heck this is? Post your answer; e-mail...
Gage height, feet Most by Carroll
Gage height, feet Most recent instantaneous value: 12.37 03-12-2010 09:00 CST Wow, the Rivers are rising fast. Guess this will cancel my Weekend trip for ...
Our snow melt continues by Greg Boe
Our snow melt continues Cloudy skies will rule the day, with scattered showers and a high near 45 degrees. We shouldn't hear any thunder today, and any precipitation we receive should be lighter th...
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