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Chaska Obscura: Setting a few ground rules
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Author: The city of Chaska

Published: In the city ordinance ledger, held by the Chaska Historical Society

When: These ordinances were passed between 1875 and 1941

Context: It’s notable that many of the items that the city prohibited peddlers from selling were wares that may have competed with the local businesses. The bicycle ordinance printed below was published in 1941, however the city had bicycle ordinances as early as July 1892, which were similar to many rules used today (such as: Don’t ride on the sidewalk).


By the city of Chaska

Ordinance 10, Section 1 (1875): Any and all persons engaged in or carrying on the following business or occupations within the corporate limits of said City, shall pay to the treasurer of said city, who shall give his receipt therefore, the following amounts:

Menageries or circuses: $25 per day

Shows, concerts or theatrical performances: $5 per day

Auctioneers: $10 per day.

 Ordinance 69, Article 5, Section 3 (1916): That no person shall hitch or tie any team or animal to any hydrant or other fixture or apparatus of the waterworks system of the city. 

Ordinance No. 97: Section 4 (1933): Certain Sales and Licenses Prohibited. No transient merchant, hawker, peddler or solicitor shall sell or solicit orders for meat; poultry; dry goods; cloth; clothing; furs; wearing apparel, old and new; umbrellas; eyeglasses; medicines; watches; jewelry; plated ware; or silver ware; and no license shall be issued purporting to authorize such sale.

Section 5: License Fees. Fees for licenses under this ordinance shall be as follows:

Solicitors, per day: $3

Transient merchants, per day: $10

Transient merchants, per month: $30

Transient merchants, six months: $150

Hawkers, on foot per day: $2

Hawkers, with push cart, per day: $4

Hawkers, with wagon, per day: $5Hawkers, with automobile, per year: $50

Peddlers, on foot, per day: $2

Peddlers with push cart, per day: $4

Peddlers, with wagon, per day: $5

Peddlers, with automobile, per day: $10 

Ordinance No. 119: Sections 6 & 7 (1941): No person shall ride or operate a bicycle on Chestnut Street from Levee to Sixth, in said city of Chaska, on any Saturday between the hours of 7:00 o’clock p.m. and midnight. Every person convicted of a violation of any provision of this ordinance shall be punished by impounding of such person’s bicycle, or bicycle operated by said persons, for a period not to exceed 10 days. 

Ordinance No. 122, Section 5 (1941): No [cigarette] license shall be issued except to a person of good moral character. No license shall be issued to an applicant for sale of cigarettes at any place other than his established place of business. No license shall be issued for the sale of cigarettes at a movable place of business; nor shall any license be issued to one person firm or corporation for the sale of cigarettes at more than once place of business.

No person shall sell or give away any cigarette, cigarette paper or cigarette wrapper to any person below the legal age of eighteen years. No person shall keep for sale, sell or dispose of any cigarette containing opium, morphine, jimson weed, bella donna, strychnia, cocaine, marijuana, or any other deleterious or poisonous drug except nicotine.

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