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Anyone see a UFO last night ? by
So last night about 12:30am I saw something outside of my bedroom window to the direct west. I saw three lights together and immediately thought it was a plane. I watched for a few seconds and it didn't seem to move. I called my husband upstairs to look out the window and he saw it too. He grabbed his binoculars and I mine. It was a difficult angle as our house window looks south and the lights were west. By this time it seemed like the lights would disappear behind branches so it was difficult to find with the binoculars. I thought it was the wind but double checked by noticing that the street lights with tree branches in front of them never moved so the wind was not blowing. It was the lights moving very slowly. I finally found the lights with the binoculars and immediately yelled to my husband that I saw three distinct lights. My heart started pounding as I knew I wasn't looking at an airplane, a constellation, or any other explainable formation. Three horizontal lights close enough together to make it seem as though I were looking at a craft even though I could not see the actual vessel. My husband switched places with me and tried to see the three lights as I had seen. I was anxious and begging for confirmation of what I was seeing was real. After about 1 minute that seem like 10, I heard him say, "Oh wow, there are three lights. Horizontal. One, two, three." I received my confirmation and had him move so I could look again. Of course the "thing" had moved so it took me about 10-15 seconds until it popped out behind the tree to see the three lights, once again, in my vision. My husband went downstairs as he was headed outside to go stand on the levee to get a better view. I tried to keep the lights in my sight as he made his way outside but of course as soon as he positioned himself in perfect viewing area, "it" was gone. This isn't the first time my husband and I have seen unexplainable "things" in the sky. The most memorable was August 2nd 2007 we watched a silent, slow moving, glowing orange light dirft across the horizon as we watched along the river from our deck. Once the light seemed to disappear we commented on how weird it was. As my sentence ended, I looked up and yelled, "what the hell is that?" It looked like two stars had dropped from the sky and were quickly moving in weird zig-zag and swerving motions, seemed to meet-up side by side, then each go separate directions (north and south) in the speed of satellites. However, there is no way these were satellites as the moved way to quickly and erratically to be satellites. I noticed that a couple Chaska residents spotted something very odd last June and ran outside to watch what they said to be a silent light moving across the sky. Their neighbors came out as they saw it too. They reported the object just disappeared. Did anyone see last night's lights or any unexplainable event in the sky? I'd love more validation as I'm sure those who have seen something would like validation that they are not alone in knowing we are not alone.
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y'know, about a week ago, I
by patrick_dempsey
 in response to Anyone see a UFO last night ?
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y’know, about a week ago, I was walking my dog and coming up the road to my driveway and just happened to look up for some reason and saw a single blue light below the cloud deck for just a couple of seconds. Then it disappeared. I figured it was an airplane passing through the clouds, but I watched for the light re-emerge from the clouds and it never did.

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