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BEWARE! Magazine door-to-door salesmen by
Today we had a visit from SYN, Inc. saying they sales magazines and offer an additional donation for Red Cross. My spouse ordered a children's magazine and gave additional to the Red Cross. After the salesman left, I was made aware of this transaction and immediately saw red flags. I googled SYN, Inc. and saw article after article of how they scam people. Just then my husband received a call from our salesman stating he "forgot something". At that time my husband decided to ask for his check back. The man would not return it until he received the receipt back which included our address and his signature. My husband refused and immediately called the police for assistance in resolving this matter. As we awaited the police to show, my husband asked for the man's ID in which he admitted he didn't have and it was with his friend. In the meantime I called the city to see if SYN, Inc. had a permit to preform such sales in Chaska. Not to my surprise they did not. In the meantime a white Ford Expedition plates 659-5HT pulled up with another person to whom which our saleman greeted. They did wait for the police. When the officer arrived he told them they needed a permit and since they didn't they were instructed to leave town immediately. I still am weary of their intentions but more worried for those who may or already have been scammed by these so called SYN, Inc. saleman. Please inform your neighbors that they should not open the door or converse with these people as though they are an alledged scam, the fact that they didn't take proper protocol to sell in Chaska should raise flags. The Chaska police are aware of them but the public should be too just in case you get a knock at the door.
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