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David Beckham: U.S. soccer's new PR man by
Soccer superstar David Beckham, formerly of the Real Madrid, recently signed a $250 million contract to play for the L.A. Galaxy in a move that Major League Soccer hopes will bring some American interest to the sport. Do you think it will work? Will Beckham be able to get Americans as psyched about soccer as they get about football or baseball?
Aug 21, 2011 | 4855 views | 26 26 recommendations | email to a friend | print

by lenniebrandon143
 in response to David Beckham: U.S. soccer's new PR man
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by JoshuaIves
 in response to David Beckham: U.S. soccer's new PR man
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David Beckham should retire
by clint
 in response to David Beckham: U.S. soccer's new PR man
Jul 13, 2011 | 22 22 recommendations | email to a friend | print

He is washed up…

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