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Encounters with the rich and famous by

Have you had a run-in with a celebrity? Perhaps you attended a black-tie gala with a big-name key note speaker? Maybe you were at the same Starbucks as a young starlet? Or did you serve the famous in your younger years?

Share your tales (good and bad - the juicier the better) here.

Nov 13, 2007 | 703 views | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print

I've met the guys in Maroon
by lori carlson
 in response to Encounters with the rich and famous
Nov 16, 2007 | 5 5 recommendations | email to a friend | print

I’ve met the guys in Maroon 5 a few times – they’re always very, very nice to their fans and they recognize those of us who seem to always show up at their soundchecks and in the front row (and no, we’re not groupies – just devoted fans who pay to be in their fan club and get rewarded for it). Now if one of these days I could just get up the courage to say more to Adam Levine than just, "Hh-h-hi. I really liked your show in ____…." For some reason I can never muster much more in his presence.

Also, when I was in Los Angeles in 2005, my husband (then my fiance), my parents, my brother and I were sitting at a little pizza joint in Beverly Hills when Sharon Stone walked in with her little boy. She was completely gorgeous, and she had no makeup on. I couldn’t believe how much better she looked in person. She and her boy sat down at the table next to ours. My dad (who has no hangups about saying embarrassing things loudly in public) said, "IS THAT SHARON STONE?" To which my mom did a 180-degree turn, stared at Sharon, turned back around and said, "OH MY GOD, IT IS!!!!" To which my brother, my fiance and I turned red and wished we had trap doors beneath our chairs. Luckily, Sharon took it in stride, smiled and went back to feeding her kid.

We also saw David Spade at the Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard. We were standing by the door and he came in with some other guy, sat down in a booth for literally about 5 minutes, looked around and then left. He was shorter than me, I swear (I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall).

Then we were at a mall in Beverly Hills and as we walked past Johnny Rocket’s, we saw Robert Downey, Jr. feeding HIS children. We walked by a couple of times to make sure.

The last time we were in LA, this past March, my husband and I went to Koi, where we had dinner the night of our engagement. As we had a drink on the outdoor patio, Joey Fatone walked in with a ridiculously large and obviously unnecessary entourage. As we walked back to our car (no valet parking for us cheapskates), we saw a paparazzi hiding in the bushes about a half a block from the place. Funny stuff.

One more: We stayed one night of our trip (about all we could afford) at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and hung out with our drinks in the lobby. They wouldn’t let us into Teddy’s, the ultra-exclusive bar next to the bar. The bartender of the OTHER bar said even SHE couldn’t get in. Whatever. So we sat in the lobby with our cocktails from the average people’s bar and this guy with dreadlocks came up to us and asked if he could sit down. We said yes, and we ended up talking to him for two hours. He said he was Steve and he was the trumpet player in Gwen Stefani’s band. I later Googled him and he indeed had his own Wikipedia page; not exactly proof, but his story was looking pretty solid. Well, the night we returned from LA, we turned on "American Idol" and lo and behold, Gwen was performing. And lo and behold, who was playing trumpet onstage with her? Steve!

This is a totally '90s
by Karla
 in response to Encounters with the rich and famous
Nov 16, 2007 | 7 7 recommendations | email to a friend | print

This is a totally ’90s memory, but Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei were filming "Untamed Heart," originally titled "Baboon Heart," across the street from where I lived at the University of Minnesota. In the middle of the night they would bring out the lights and film. A very small crowd would gather to watch.

My friend and I made our way toward Mr. Slater by befriending the guy who stood in to adjust the lights before Slater arrived for each scene. I brought my VHS copy of "Heathers" (my favorite movie). She brought a poster from the movie, "Kuffs." When we got to shake hands with him (he did autograph both items) I managed a weak, "I love your work." She screamed and begged him to kiss her. He didn’t.

To the filmmakers’ disappointment, there wasn’t any snow around and I guess it was supposed to look a little snowy, so there were large, white, wood cutouts shaped like little snowdrifts in the background. I stole one of those and only recently threw it away. Goodbye Christian Slater memories. 

(Karla Wennerstrom is the editor of the Eden Prairie News. She can be reached at

Not a very "juicy" story,
by ekmaguire
 in response to Encounters with the rich and famous
Nov 16, 2007 | 5 5 recommendations | email to a friend | print

Not a very “juicy” story, but I saw Peter Krausse (from HBO’s Six Feet Under, also a native Minnesotan!) at the Best Buy in Richfield a couple years ago. He was just chatting with the welcome guy at the front of the store. I was too shy to say anything to him :)

Several years ago, I was at
by Ruth Anne Maddox
 in response to Encounters with the rich and famous
Nov 15, 2007 | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print

Several years ago, I was at the Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas the same week as the CMA Awards and I saw Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and two of their daughters in the hallway.

Being a dolt, I didn’t realize at first that I was literally an arm’s length from Faith Hill — I was actually looking at her wondering why this woman was wearing a knit cap and large sunglasses indoors. Then, the little girl hold her hand turned and said, "Daddy, are you comin’?" And, when I turned to look at "Daddy," I figured it all out.

We also apparently rode in the elevator with the drummer from Pearl Jam, whom my sister recognized but I still have no clue who he is.

A similar experience in Thailand occurred when Frances Ford Coppola arrived at the airport at the same time we did. We were looking for the sign with our name on it for our ride to the hotel when my sister spotted a sign that said, "Coppola," and blurted out, "I wonder if that’s for Frances Ford Coppola." She was a bit embarrassed when I pointed out that he was standing directly behind her.

Then there was my meeting many years ago with then-Gov. Edwin Edwards, one of most corrupt politicians ever to come out of the state of Louisiana. I don’t remember what type of event it was but the university sent me out to cover it for the student paper. He was actually quite charming.


I also met Jimmy and
by MFrancisco
 in response to Encounters with the rich and famous
Nov 13, 2007 | 5 5 recommendations | email to a friend | print

I also met Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter at an airport when I was 16. There were a zillion secret service officers with them, but they were as gracious as could be to us.

(Mollee Francisco is a staff writer for the Chaska Herald. She can be reached at

I was working as a PR
by MFrancisco
 in response to Encounters with the rich and famous
Nov 13, 2007 | 7 7 recommendations | email to a friend | print

I was working as a PR intern for a company that did Broadway show promotions and was at the theatre the day Marilu Henner (planning Annie in ‘Annie, Get Your Gun!’) came in to do interviews.

There was a poor young lighting tech who just could not for the life of her, get the lighting right for Ms. Henner. I swear I wasn’t the only one grimmacing in the back as we listened to Henner berate the girl. Eventually, she got it to Ms. Henner’s liking (a credit to her persistence) but not until I was thoroughly disgusted with her attitude.

She was a stark contrast to her co-star Larry Storch (better known for his turn on F-Troop) who put everyone at ease with his sweet disposition. He may have liked to flirt with the girls (everyone was referred to as ‘sweetheart’)  a bit too much, but he knew that a well-placed ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ was worth its weight in gold.

(Mollee Francisco is a staff writer for the Chaska Herald. She can be reached at

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