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Hannah Montana scalpers by

Scalpers bought up a bunch of tickets for the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus tour and now parents are complaining that the teen sensation is taking advantage of her fans because of the outrageous prices the scalped tickets are selling for. One mother even cancelled her fan club membership and took away her childrens' CDs because of it.

Do you realize that promoters are not the ones setting these prices? Would you buy tickets from a scalper?

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This whole issue irritates
by MFrancisco
 in response to Hannah Montana scalpers
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This whole issue irritates me because it boils down to naive parents who try to give their kids what they want and then throw a tantrum when things go awry.

I’ve read a number of articles about this Hannah Montana concert ticket fiasco over the last week – as if this is the first time that a show has ever sold out. This scenario is nothing new. Most tickets are long gone before they ever go on sale to the general public yet the public has no clue until they go to buy a ticket days after it went on sale only to find the show sold out or only single tickets in horrible seats available.

If you want the tickets for a hot show, you’ve got a few choices:

1) join a fan club (you’ll get access to better-than-average seats before the public – notice I said access, not tickets. There is no guarantee.)

2) be saavy. Much like airline travel deals, you have to be both knowledgeable and flexible. I got great seats to a hot tour by opting to drive to Grand Forks to see the show instead of Minneapolis. Know where to buy your tickets as well. Sometimes, being at a Ticketmaster in person will work out better than trying to buy them online where systems get jammed quickly.

3) sign up for radio station giveaways. Radio stations get great seats from event promoters.

4) wait it out. As stage set ups get finalized, more tickets will be released. Also, you can get amazing seats on the day of the concert. Artists and their "people" get a block of tickets to give to family and friends and usually return the unusued ones back to the box office that day. You want a seat in the first few rows without paying a scalper or a broker – this is your best bet.

5) shell out the big bucks. You can get tickets to hot shows without doing any of the above, but you better be willing to pay for them after a show sells out. How much is it worth to you?

If none of those tactics work (or are a possibility) you’ll have to be resigned to the fact that it didn’t work out this time. Disappointment is a part of life. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. Bottom line, if you missed out on Hannah Montana tickets, your kids will get over it. And they’ll have plenty of other kids to commiserate with.

(Mollee Francisco is a staff writer for the Chaska Herald. She can be reached at

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