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I'm trying to get into college football more this year. There have been some great games, some great upsets. I've never been a huge fan, but I like parity and it seems to have entered the Division I gridiron.

And I have no allegiance for the loser Golden Gopher program, so I'm fine with them blowing a 21-point lead to medicore Northwestern team, then falling 49-48. In fact, I sort of enjoy it.

But I'm wondering how excited I will be about college football when a stupid computer gets to pick the national title game in the next month or so. Because the way it appears, there is going to a plethora of one-loss teams to choose from after No. 1-ranked LSU and No. 2 Cal lost on Saturday. I'm not a believer in Doug Flutie's old team.

Then, there's unbeaten South Florida. I always root for the semi little school. But are they worth of the national title game, even tough they won at Auburn? Not if a computer decides. However, it would be great if they won it all.

So what if BC and Ohio State lose? The national title game will feature what:

-South Florida vs. Oklahoma?

-South Florida vs. South Carolina?

-South Florida vs. Kansas?

All those matchups would be cool. However, I don't think Kansas has a shot even they win out and stay unbeaten. The computer will snub the Jayhawks.

What is South Florida loses? Then what?

The list of possible national championship games would be endless, yet one of the teams had better come from the best conference in the land - the SEC.

I know. There's the argument that if you have an eight-team playoff, there ninth team in the equation will complain or get jobbed. Well, there are also 34 at-large bids in the 65-team NCAA basketball tourney and there's always four or five bubble teams that get snubbed every year. There's no perfect system.

At least the basketball tourney crowns a true champion, played on the hardwood.

It's time for Division I football to do the same, crowning a champion on the field. I realize the corporate sponsors that run college football would cry a foul. There's the all-mighty dollar at stake. Too bad.

I'd like to see a 8-team tourney that featured:

1. The Big Ten Champion (If that's Michigan, then fine. The Wolverines loss to Applachain State appears to be an aberation) or Ohio State or Illinois.

2. The SEC champ, LSU, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky.

3. The Big 12 champ, let's say Oklahoma or Kansas

4. The Pac 10 champ, USC, Cal, Oregon or Arizona State

5. The Big East champ, South Florida or West Virginia

6. The ACC champ, Boston College or Virginia Tech

No. 7 and 8: Two at-large teams: One team at least from the SEC and perhaps the other from the Pac 10 or Big 12. But those guidelines are not set in stone.

But a playoff system will never happen. Too much money in the farse that is the Bowl Championship Series. I really don't know how hardcore college football fans can put up with such a scam of system, which is an insult to their devotion to the game.

So college football will once again have a national title game decided by a computer.

Geez, great. Can't wait.

Good story on all this here:;_ylt=AjPcleUdDQOlIPpHKi0cKBgcvrYF?slug=dw-bcs101307&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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