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Chaska and Chanhassen high schools' prom is this weekend which gets us wondering, what do you remember most about your prom? Is anyone brave enough to share a photo from their prom?

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I remember my junior prom as
by Kristin Holtz
 in response to Prom memories
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I remember my junior prom as stressful. We held it at the local university’s ballroom and the junior class officers (I’ve always been way too willing to be in charge) were responsible for organizing it. My senior year prom was just wet. It rained and rained and rained.

Mollee, the "Penny Lover"
by merynfluker
 in response to Prom memories
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Mollee, the “Penny Lover” info makes your prom story classic. WHAT? Why? Three times?
My senior prom was in 2005 and for some reason the DJ played Christina Aguilera’s “Come On Over,” which was at least 5 years old at that point. It was still a jam though, so I didn’t mind. Plus, by that point, “prom-appropriate” dance songs were hard to come by. Personally, I was disappointed at the lack of Paula Abdul songs played at my prom. The theme was “Spellbound,” which is the name of one of her albums, so I figured someone would at least play “Rush Rush.” I digress…
There are some pictures on the Interwebs of me in my pink prom dress, which my mom went out and bought mere hours before the dance (I’d had it in my mind that I’d just wear one of my old Homecoming dresses and save money, whoops). My mother’s only directive: Find a dress that matches my baby pink Converse Chuck Taylor high-tops. She succeeded and then some as she found a matching purse as well.
So, prom was fun. I went with a friend who between asking me and going to the dance managed to break his leg in three places during a rugby game. He was determined to go anyway, despite my repeated offers to let him sit the dance out. Then my best male friend’s date was kicked out (Don’t drink alcohol at prom, kids!) so we ended up dancing together for most of the night. Also, the food was amazing. All in all a fairytale night, just in a really unexpected Liz Lemon-style way.

My senior prom was in 1996
by Mollee Francisco
 in response to Prom memories
Apr 28, 2011 | 12 12 recommendations | email to a friend | print

My senior prom was in 1996 and the DJ played Lionel Ritchie’s “Penny Lover” (which was released in 1983!) no less than three times. I didn’t understand it at all.
(Mollee Francisco is a staff writer for the Chaska Herald. She can be reached at

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