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Collaborating for success
by Kristin Holtz
They say it takes a village to raise a child. Getting the village on board isn’t the problem. Sometimes the real challenge is speaking the same language. Two local pediatricians are spearheading an effort to ensure schools, doctors and parents are using the same information when making decisions for a struggling student. Last summer, a consortium of doctors and local special-education directors began looking for ways to improve communication f...
School enrollment slowed by economy
by Chuck Friedbauer
Five years ago, district officials braced for a student body increase of 25 percent by 2020. But a recent demographic study indicates there will be no growth in students – and possibly a decrease – by the 2020-21 school year. The current enrollment is 8,976 students, with the latest demographic study predicting 8,879-9,051 students in 10 years. District officials use demographic studies to help decide many things – from whether to build a new ...
Feb. 4, 1971: Herald reports
Feb. 4, 1971: Herald reports that American Crystal Sugar will end beet processing in Chaska. Plant was built in 1907 and acquired by Crystal Sugar in 1924.
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Gov. Mark Dayton was joined by his commissioners of transportation and natural resources.
Thumbs up for 101 crossing
by Shannon Fiecke
Gov. Mark Dayton pledged his support today for raising the 101 river crossing between Shakopee and Chanhassen and making it four lanes from the get-go, as local leaders prefer. “If the first $25 million comes through, I’ll be glad to work with your legislators on the other $10 million,” Dayton said. New estimates show that raising 101, along with improvements to the Highway 169 bridge for flood purposes, would cost nearly $31 million. It's jus...
Keep an eye out for invasive pests
The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is seeking volunteers to join the hundreds of citizens who already keeping an eye out for new infestations of emerald ash borer and other destructive invasive pests. These volunteer “first detectors” form part of the state’s early warning system for invasive tree pests, making it more likely that infestations will be found in early stages when they are easier to control. Registration is now open for Fore...
Mary Casanova
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Inspiration station
by Mollee Francisco
Hooked on Books organizers Mary Erickson and Lori Kendall feel like they’ve hit the jackpot. While they’ve always managed to bring in successful and interesting authors for their annual event, this year they’ve not only snagged a Minnesota author, but a Minnesota author who just happens to be tackling timely topics with her latest books. “We got really lucky, to tell you the truth,” said Erickson, who manages community development and services...
Hoppe-sponsored bill would limit teacher union power on health plans
Rep. Joe Hoppe (R-Chaska) is sponsoring a bill that would bring districts into the mix before teachers' unions can approve health plans, according to a Pioneer Press article. Click here for the whole story.
Chance of spring flooding is low
by Mollee Francisco
The odds of 2012 spring floods are low for communities along the Minnesota River. According to a report issued by the National Weather Service on Jan. 26, “preliminary indications at the end of January show that the current risk for flooding due to a snow melt is normal to below normal.” That probabilistic outlook covers much of Southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin with the Mississippi and its tributaries, the Minnesota and its tributaries...
‘Why Treaties Matter’ at Carver County Historical Society
“Why Treaties Matter: Self-Government in the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations” is a new traveling exhibition that will explore the Native nations in Minnesota and their history of treaty making with the United States. The exhibit will open Feb. 8 at the Carver County Historical Society , where it will be on view through March 7. Following its close at the CCHS, the exhibition will begin a statewide tour through 2012 to reservations and other venues u...
Read and the Force is with you
“Read and the Force is with you” was the recent theme at Chaska Middle School West, which is celebrating “I Love to Read Month.” The CMSW Media Center is promoting the month with a special Star Wars display. Photos are also being taken of students and staff in a Yoda costume with their favorite book. On Jan. 31 Darth Vader “flew in from a galaxy far, far away to remind students what a powerful force reading can be in their lives,” Scheffler sa...
With the bulk of the newspaper indexing project completed, Carver County Historical Society Director Wendy Petersen-Biorn is ready for the next project – indexing and scanning over 11,000 photos in the society’s collection.
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For the record
by Mark W. Olson
Birth, death, and everything in between. Carver County Historical Society recently completed its newspaper indexing project, totaling 310,000 facts. Well “caught up” might be a better term than “completed.” “If you want to find any information about any time in Carver County, it’s available now. Before it wasn’t,” said Wendy Petersen-Biorn, historical society executive director. For over the past 23 years, the historical society, with help fro...
Feb. 3, 1944: Herald reports
Feb. 3, 1944: Herald reports that the bowling alley manager is about to enter army. “Because All Vojtisek, popular manager of the Guardian Angels Bowling Lanes and deputy county treasurer will report for active army duty in a short time, John Dienslake has been appointed to act as manager.”
Slideshow: 2012 Chaska Fire Department Fishing Contest
by Mollee Francisco
Were you at Saturday's fishing contest put on by the Chaska Fire Department? Then you just might be in this slideshow. Enjoy!
Republican candidates in county this weekend
Carver County will be even a bit redder than usual this weekend. GOP presidential primary candidates Ron Paul and Rick Santorum will be in the area this weekend. Congressman Ron Paul will be in town for a town hall meeting in Chanhassen. According to Minnesota Public Radio, he will host the “town hall” at AutoMotorPlex, 8200 Audubon Road, at 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4. Meanwhile, according to Carver County Republicans, GOP presidential primary ca...
Public notices from the February 2, 2012 Chaska Herald
Are you interested in reading the public notices published in the February 2, 2012 print edition of the Chaska Herald newspaper? The page or pages on which those notices were printed are attached to this item, in the form of .pdf’s that can be opened with Adobe Acrobat.
Independence Party caucus to be held at Chaska High School
The Independence Party of Minnesota will hold its local caucus at 7 p.m., Feb. 7 at Chaska High School in the commons area. IP delegate and 2010 state legislative candidate Tim Biros will convene the caucus, according to a press release. In addition to the more than 40 physical caucuses being convened by IP supporters around Minnesota, the party announced a live, online option on caucus night, according to an IP press release. “Our caucus pres...
Bullying prevention Town Hall is Feb. 4
CLIMB Theatre and the Chaska Police Department Public Safety Focus Group are bringing bullying prevention programming to Chaska for “Examining Bullying in Our Community.” The Chaska Town Hall is 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 4. The event, at the Chaska Community Center, 1661 Park Ridge Drive, is free and open to the public, according to a press release. Professional actors will perform scenes that depict various types of bullying, includ...
Editorial: Rest in Peace Rex
by Mark W. Olson
Most moviegoers like a happy ending, whether it’s tough guy Bruce Willis throwing a villain off of a skyscraper or underdog Judy Garland putting on a show to save the farm. But what we got last week wasn’t a blockbuster. It was more of an art house movie. Something terrible happens, you feel depressed, and that’s the end. Moviegoers who like happy endings – or any kind of ending – now need to look elsewhere. The Rex Cinema, Chaska’s only movie...
Feb. 2, 1933: Herald reports
Feb. 2, 1933: Herald reports “when the celebrated Harlem Globetrotters appear at New Prague on Saturday, Chaska will be represented in their opposition. One of the city’s outstanding cagers, Bert Leivermann, will be in the New Prague or southern Minnesota line-up.
Requiem for the Rex
by Mark W. Olson
Editor's Note: This story was published in the Feb. 2 print edition of the Chaska Herald. It includes more background on the closure, first reported on this original post . Chaska’s first movie theater opened in 1914. Now, 98 years later, the city’s only theater has closed. The Rex Cinema’s end came Wednesday, Jan. 25. Diagnosis: Lack of cash. “It’s a financial decision. We’ve never made money ever since the day we opened. It got to the point ...
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