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Legislators share viewpoints on 2011 marathon
by Forrest Adams
The state government is back at work, and the historic government shutdown ended after 20 days. Arguably, neither Republican legislators nor the Democratic governor got exactly what they wanted out of the shutdown, and both sides remain at odds over the 2012-13 budgets that Gov. Mark Dayton signed into law. From neither side of the political aisle was there chest thumping or shouts of triumph over a victory. This year's Legislature was histori...
The Gulden ticket
by Unsie Zuege
When Thaddeus Gulden showed up to audition for the role of Willy Wonka in Chaska Valley Family Theatre’s summer musical “Willy Wonka,” Director Kelly Jeremiason knew Gulden had the look for the eccentric, wacky and mercurial candy impresario. Gulden’s naturally reddish orange hair, long, skinny frame and a mobile face that could be charming and sincere, and in an instant, creepy and sinister. Putting on a summer community theater production ca...
Chaska teens get "toasted"
by Mollee Francisco
Dried bread and toasters may be subject matter better suited for breakfast than theater, but for Andrew Brady and Robbie Lyman, the seemingly random items provide the perfect backdrop for a classic detective spoof. “We tried to think what is the most ridiculous crime one could commit,” explained Brady. They settled on a crime of toaster theft. Brady and Lyman – both freshly graduated from Chaska High School – are the writers/directors of “Toas...
Disorderly conduct charge dropped against middle school teacher
by Mark Olson
The disorderly conduct charge has been dropped against Chaska Middle School East teacher John Saindon. Saindon’s attorney Sarah MacGillis said Saindon looks forward to returning to coaching and teaching this fall. Saindon, a Victoria resident who has taught in the district for 18 years, had been accused of grabbing a sixth-grader’s arm at the school after the student misbehaved in gym class. The student “sustained a reddish bruise/mark” on his...
Public notices from the July 28, 2011 Chaska Herald
Are you interested in reading the public notices published in the July 28, 2011 print edition of the Chaska Herald newspaper? The page or pages on which those notices were printed are attached to this item, in the form of .pdf’s that can be opened with Adobe Acrobat.
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