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Mayer robbery Suspect to be federally prosecuted
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Demetrius Charles Edward Derden
Demetrius Charles Edward Derden
A Federal grand jury has indicted Demetrius Charles Edward Derden, 32, for violation of the Federal Hobbs Act, according to a press release from Carver County Attorney Mark Metz.

This indictment stems from an armed robbery alleged to have occurred at a convenience store in Mayer on Dec. 3, 2011.

The matter was originally prosecuted in state court by the Carver County Attorney’s Office.

The complaint issued by the Carver County Attorney’s Office states:

“On Dec. 3, 2011, at 8:39 p.m., the above-named defendant walked into the Mayer Oil Company gas station at 308 Ash Avenue North, in Mayer, Carver County, Minnesota, wearing a winter jacket, gloves, and a face mask covering everything but his eyes. The defendant was carrying an umbrella in one hand to block his face from the video surveillance in the store and a gun in the other hand. The defendant walked behind the counter and pointed the hand gun at the clerk, who was the only other person in the store. The defendant placed a bag on a stool and demanded cash. The defendant emptied the cash drawer into the bag and then pointed the gun at the clerk and walked the clerk to a back area of the store which contained a safe.

“In the back room of the store, the clerk knelt down and opened the bottom safe and handed cash to the defendant. When the clerk told the defendant he did not know the combination to the upper safe, the defendant placed the barrel of the gun against the back of the clerk’s neck and told him, “You better remember, your life depends on it.” The clerk then heard a “click” coming from the gun and believed that the gun was emptied, so he began to turn around and stand up. The defendant then pushed him back down and struck the clerk on the side of his head with the barrel of the gun.

“According to the clerk, he began to “fight for his life.” A violent struggle ensued, in which the defendant bit the clerk’s finger and struck the clerk with the gun. The clerk was able to punch the defendant in the groin, head butt him, wrestle the gun away, and strike him in the head with the gun. During the struggle, the clerk was able to remove the defendant’s mask and jacket. The defendant eventually pushed the clerk down and fled the store with the bag of money at 8:44 p.m. The defendant got into a car and fled the scene .

“A patron getting gas assisted the clerk after he found him lying on the ground behind the counter. When police arrived, there was blood throughout the store on the floor, walls and telephone. The clerk was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries. The clerk suffered injuries to his face, finger, hand, and body. One particular deep cut to the top of the clerk’s head went down to his skull, requiring stitches.

“At the scene, police located an umbrella, face mask, winter jacket, a pair of plastic wrist ties (plastic handcuffs), the gun, and a piece of the gun that had been broken off during the attack. The gun was identified as a black pellet/BB hand gun. Inside the jacket police located three sets of plastic handcuffs, an empty bottle of rum, a business card, and check card in the name of Demetrius C. Derden, the defendant. The defendant was positively identified by matching his driver’s license photograph with the surveillance video. The defendant was arrested at a residence in Blaine around 2:30 a.m. on December 4, 2011.”

In cases such as this one, where Derden’s alleged actions violate both State and Federal law, the United States Attorney’s Office and the Carver County Attorney’s Office have overlapping jurisdiction to prosecute the case. When this occurs, Federal and State prosecutors consult to determine the most appropriate single forum in which to proceed to satisfy the substantial Federal and State interests involved, according to the Carver County Attorney’s Office.

From the beginning of this case, Metz was in communication with the United States Attorney’s Office. Both offices agreed that the best interests of both the citizens of Carver County, as represented by the Carver County Attorney’s Office, and the citizens of the United States generally, as represented by the United States Attorney’s Office, were best served by Federal prosecution of this matter. Accordingly, the Carver County Attorney’s Office dismissed its charges against Derden, deferring to the Federal prosecution of this case.

According to Metz, “Based on this egregious alleged conduct, Derden represents a public safety danger of the highest magnitude. The best way, in my view, to protect public safety is to remove Derden from society for the longest period of time possible, should the allegations be proven. In evaluating the likely sentence under the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines as compared to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, prosecution in Federal court offers the possibility of a significantly longer sentence. Therefore, the United States Attorney and I agreed that the matter is most appropriately handled in Federal court.”

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carver cty resident
February 10, 2012
Good Job Carver County!
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